Friday, January 22, 2010

My, my, aren't you a fine young boy now.

Well kids, the Improv show is tonight, so in celebration of the spontaneity and randomness of teenagers, I will write and complete this blog post without ever going back to make an y corrections or add ins. Well today we were reviewing volumes in calculus, and as I sat in the computer hallway eating a cheese cube, I thought about what solid I could create if i rotated a cube around the x-axis. then i realized that the period was almost over and that I should finish eating my lunch before I end up wasting more food.

Well, that's it folks!



  1. i like the last tag.

    :L <-- woops i meant to say :]

    but :L's a pretty cool emoticon too.

    btw, i think you'd get like a cylinder of cheese. the volume of which = YUM.

  2. :L reminds me of a sad muppet on Sesame Street, Kermit the Frog comes to mind.
    I feel like the 3-D shape would end up looking like some kind of geometric lumpy thing..or maybe a WASHER BWAHAHAHA okay that was a painful reference.. but Linda might be right too. Lets put it to the test. Kidnap some cheese cubes from Cheeseland and spin them on a turbine as an experiment xD

  3. Maybe it would be a washer! I don't know... I used to own a great Calc. book, all about kings and queens and giants and trains and fools!

    Isn't it ironic how the fools are always the smartest ones!

    I like fools... except for their hats. I wouldn't be caught dead in a hat like that.

    But I really would like to meet an old midieval palace fool...

  4. LOL funny thing, I actually like the hat a lot, I think it's one of the awesomest things about a fool xD