Friday, January 22, 2010

Sow La Tea Doe

Hello you fine specimen out there, who wants to party tonight?! xD

I'm in a particularly festive Mardi Gras mood...Here's another Coke Commercial, adding on to Linda. I'm also going to improv and say what i say and mean what i say...and say what i mean. Anyway here's the link I was in the vending machine at Psyop Studio in Manhattan when I met one of the tech directors who worked on this hunk of beauty. Doesn't itm mmake you go ooh ahhh? Yo uwanna sha-sha-sha-shake ittttt ;D

I should really get back into my vending machine, in case someone sees me typing on this computer, then I will endanger my fellow Quaker oat products and we'd have to escape on balloon boats and paddle with the oars we made out of the tooth picks we stole from Panda Express. We're we would go, no one knows. After all, we're only glucose snack products, we don't think that far with our chocolate chips and honey oat grains. Bermuda? Maybe. Sweden? Perhaps. We'd go as far as our four corners could carry us.

By the way, I have an obsession with pancakes. I know we're different foods, but I just can't help it, their fluffy golden exteriors are just to be digested for. Here are beautiful pancake music videos that I rediscovered (liveaction/ stop motion animation): Pancakes Pancakes II



  1. :D hehe yes the coke commercial fills you with bubblyhappy.

    hahahahhah hey it'll be the next Toy Story. Granolabar story? o.o

    and omg -- pancakes II is amazing (pancakes I didn't load for some reason) :] i love the part where he flies in midair.

  2. btw - you actually met someone who worked on it??? :DDD how'd you know? was he like, "oh i worked on a coke commercial" as you were getting a coke from the vending machine?

  3. haha no i didnt meet him at a vending machine, I actually met the guy two years ago at an Open House event (an event where you meet staff and students) at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he was alumni of the computer art department, so he showed me what he did and i got to talk to him. IT WAS PRETTY DARN COOL :D